Catholic Traveler articles

Clarification: Only articles signed by John Haffert are posted to this site. We learned from former secretaries and associates of John Haffert, that most editorials and hundreds of articles in Catholic Traveler magazine were authored by Mr. Haffert, but not signed.


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The Pilgrimage Racket  (Fall)

Do You Want To Go To Rome In Two Hours? (Winter)

Columbus Island  (Winter)



I Saw Them Clean His Wounds (Spring)

Pope John Traveled in Our Hearts  (Summer)    

San Salvador Rediscovered  (Summer)



Yugoslavia     (Spring)

The Roman Dream Come True  (Spring)

Miracles I Saw Here  (Fall)



Why Pilgrimages? (Spring)

Living Crucifix and a “Tough” Spiritual Director (Spring)



A Desire to Make A Pilgrimage Is A Religious Instinct (Spring)